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We at GrayHall believe . . .

  • in consistency and excellence
  • in creativity and innovation
  • in linking our work to business and organizational results
  • that organizations should be respectful and appreciative of each staff member’s unique skills and talents
  • that organizations should treat each employee in a candid and fair way to help employees achieve their potential
  • in building and maintaining effective teams
  • in rewarding progress and holding everyone accountable for results
  • that conflict should be addressed and used as an opportunity to learn and grow

Our Services

GrayHall is recognized for paying close attention to detail and helping groups focus on their key issues. We use interactive, activity-based formats and set aggressive, obtainable objectives. We are flexible enough to fit into an organization’s unique way of operating and are able to work with all kinds of people—from CEOs to welfare recipients who are returning to the workforce. In all of our work, we try to present a comprehensive package that has direct application for immediate use by managers, teams, and others. We view ourselves as resources and try to create replicable models and frameworks for designing and implementing goals, programs, and policies. We also make it a point to keep information about our work with customers confidential.

GrayHall’s work is grounded in management practices that are linked to setting clear goals and accurate measures of progress. Our work also supports people throughout the organization to accomplish high-quality results. GrayHall services are customized to the specific needs of an organization and are offered in a phased process that allows those who hire us to assess accomplishment of stated outcomes at every step as our work proceeds. We offer a highly successful team approach and provide services that yield measurable returns and generate essential resources that support our customers’ goals and objectives.

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  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Evaluations of Programs, Projects & Performance
  • Culture Audits
  • Governing Board Assessments
  • Team Assessments
  • Logic Models
  • Theories of Change


  • Designed and implemented an evaluation of a regional organization’s marketing practices for a national audience.
  • Designed and implemented a curriculum evaluation for a national audience.
  • Assessed the impact of managers’ actions on employee morale and helped managers take a more complete look at long-term employee problems.
  • Compiled various participant critiques for improving future conferences.
  • Completed assessment and developed a plan-to-plan for a state-funded collaboration.
  • Conducted regional focus groups for a national audience.
  • Designed and implemented a department transition assessment for a city’s leadership.
  • Designed and implemented a community engagement process for a city’s leadership.
  • Conducted leader interviews and staff focus groups for a county department.
  • Designed and launched a website for a state initiative.
  • Served as planner and project manager for a $3.5 million state-launched pilot project.
  • Evaluated a complex after school program involving school achievement data.


  • Public Relations
  • Interactive Communication Tools
  • Communication Counsel
  • Program Materials
  • Publications
  • Audiovisuals
  • Proposal Writing
  • Decision And Discussion Tools
  • Graphics
  • Website Content & Visuals


  • Developed discussion guidelines for a committee established by elected officials to complete a planning report
  • on a controversial subject.
  • Completed technical editing for inclusive content in five curricula of a statewide training network.
  • Conducted interviews, wrote scripts, and produced eight nationally distributed DVDs and six study guides on workplace issues.
  • Developed written materials to help complete a program proposal that resulted in a grant of approximately $1 million.
  • Wrote program and curriculum design grants that resulted in more than $1.5 million for a variety of customers.
  • Revamped and improved a 150-page resource notebook for a university leadership program.
  • Completed numerous research, marketing and evaluation reports for a variety of customers, including government, nonprofit organizations, foundations, school districts, higher education, legal firms, faith-based organizations, and healthcare.
  • Completed numerous fund development, strategic, and business plans for a variety of customers.
  • Completed a Proof of Concept for a legislative funded initiative.


  • Database Design And Development
  • Website Content Development, Visuals And Launch


  • Conceptualized and implemented an automated project tracking program for a communications division.
  • Conceptualized and implemented an automated sales, distribution, and tracking program for a client study program that was distributed nationally.
  • Developed Website Content, Identified Visuals, Served on Design, Development and Launch Team.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Building And Management
  • Logo-Use Guidelines


  • Developed and implemented marketing strategies, including the development and distribution of promotional materials, mailing lists, selection of advertising, and press/media releases for new products and programs.


  • Gatherings
  • Informational Meetings
  • Community Engagement
  • Retreats
  • Teambuilding
  • StrategicTeaming™
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Frameworks For Inclusiveness
  • Partners and Collaborators Meetings & Retreats


  • Designed the structures for and led numerous outcomes-based meetings, conferences, and retreats involving elected officials, business leaders, government, nonprofits, and others.


  • Collaborations And Partnerships
  • Diversity/Inclusiveness Planning And Program Implementation
  • Leadership


  • Presented more than 1000 one-day seminars and multiday workshops for corporate and community leaders on leadership, teamwork, project management, career development, planning, and diversity/inclusiveness.


  • Executives, Others


  • Worked privately and one-on-one during teaming sessions with CEOs, presidents, executive directors, and other business, government and nonprofit leaders.


  • Goal Setting
  • Visioning
  • Strategic Planning And Positioning
  • Leadership Development
  • Staff And Volunteer Training
  • Collaboration And Partnership Operations
  • Executive Training
  • Communications
  • Team Strategies
  • Diversity/Inclusiveness
  • SpeedPlanning©


  • Conceived and designed the curriculum, plans, and services that resulted in the expansion of a variety of programs.
  • Designed and conducted many planning retreats for partnerships and collaboratives involving city, county, state, school district, foundation, and other sectors.
  • Designed and facilitated a three-day outcomes based state conference for approximately 300 participants that resulted in a 25-page conference follow-up and action report.
  • Accelerated the development of a long-range plan that identified future inclusiveness efforts using both short- and long-term strategies.
  • Designed numerous large-scale planning sessions that involved a majority of employees in identifying and solving business problems, developing meaningful communications and enhancing their organizations’ opportunities to be competitive.
  • Worked with several start-up organizations on strategic, business and fund development planning and implementation.
  • Facilitated planning for a multi-party philanthropic effort that resulted in community-led grantmaking and endowments valued at more than $5 million.


  • Management Support
  • Project Coordination
  • Change Management
  • Workplace Satisfaction And Organizational Improvement
  • Design And Development
  • Implementation
  • Reinvigoration
  • Curricula Design/Development


  • Designed curriculum and facilitated numerous conferences on organizational leadership.
  • Developed curriculum and facilitated organizational change sessions over a 12-month period for corporate and nonprofit employees.
  • Planned, coordinated logistics, and managed a weeklong workshop for two community partners.
  • Assisted the financial and leadership transitions of numerous non-profit organizations with budgets that ranged from $500,000 to several million dollars.


  • Consumer And Market Research
  • Feasibility/Planning Studies
  • Curriculum
  • Studies To Facilitate Program Planning And Design
  • Qualitative And Quantitative Studies
  • Interviewing
  • Focus Groups
  • Professional Resources And Materials For Specific Projects
  • Training Materials And Support
  • Proof of Concept Reports


  • Completed numerous data gathering, analysis, synthesis, and report writing on a variety of topics for education, business, government, foundations, and other nonprofits.
  • Researched various trends for a variety of organizations that assisted them in developing new initiatives and programs.
  • Completed proof of concept reports that illustrate the success of various initiatives. Developed materials to support legislative policies.

We help organizations plan and grow in today’s competitive environment.

Our Customers

Thank you and deep gratitude for sharing your historical wisdom and processes. I so appreciate the work you have done on behalf of our community.

- Entrepreneur/Public School Parent

I always find your projects interesting, and usually I learn a thing or two, too!

- Communications Firm Editor

We are very lucky to have ALL of you as a support team, now we need to get some more moola to keep going.

- Advocacy Organization Director

I have reviewed all of the information that GrayHall completed for our organization. What wonderful reports! […] One report was particularly useful to me as I have been developing materials to give to prospective donors.

- Foundation Coordinator

Thanks for the great comments and recommendations today. I hope that we can move a slate of recommendations that will improve the odds for more diversity on the Board of Regents.

- Regents Advisorty Committee Chair

Thank you. You did an excellent job of managing the meeting last night. Because of your superb facilitation skills, the meeting was quite productive and transitioned very smoothly across each part of the agenda.

- University Program Director

Great work. […] I am leaving for a conference this week, but as soon as I return, let’s meet. We are so grateful and excited.

- Pastor/Program Leader

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